18 Essay Hook Examples For College

Are you looking for a way to have your words jump out of the page and invite the reader to learn more about your topic? Then it’s high time to learn how to write good essay hooks. Formulating your introduction is important and giving an extra level of interest will go a long way to have your paper shine and be worthy of a high grade. In academic work, assignments can fall off the boredom cliff and be a chore to read. So it is necessary to break this mold and create interesting papers the showcase your efforts. Your hook serves to support your topic and breath life into your work. We’ve included all-inclusive guide to get you on your way to writing great lead-ins with essay hook examples so you can wow your audience and demonstrate your writing skills.

Different Types of Essay Hook: Examples

Here are some prototypes to inspire you to writing a hook for an essay. Many are useful in certain tasks, while others may not be well served in other papers. Knowing

how to write a hook for an essay

is an acquired skill that takes practice. Let’s start with identifying the types you can use.

  • Interesting question: Ask your audience an interesting question that tempts them to ponder while studying your paper.
  • Strong statement: This is a great way to lead in for an argumentative essay hook. This method may at first shock your audience and they’ll want to know how you plan to backup your claims.
  • Statistic/fact: Academic assignments are all about knowledge. Instead of leading in with the same old information everyone is likely to include in your paper, you can use lesser known facts that others may not be aware of.
  • Description: This tactic relies on painting a picture for your readers to imagine before you setup the core of your essay.
  • Anecdotal essay hooks: Who doesn’t like a good story or a bit of humor around the context of your research. This is a good method to lighten the mood on otherwise heavy

    essay topics

    . Just be sure to use it in appropriate circumstances.

As you see, there are several strategies at your disposal. It’s important to know when, where, and how to use each one. For your convenience, this lead in identification matrix from our essay writing company will serve as your writing assistant.



In Which Essay

Where it’s not Good

Interesting question

“Have you ever wondered why traffic backs up on roads with no stops?”

Urban Development Research

Art Essay

Interesting question

“Why do toddlers cause so much grief for parents?”

Psychology Case Study

Business Coursework

Interesting question

“What if I told you the Earth has an unlimited amount of energy resources?”

Geology Research paper

Philosophy paper

Strong statement

“The effects of global warming are irreversible unless we act now”

Environmental Studies Coursework

Medical Paper

Strong statement

“How the age of rocks has overcome the rock of ages in modern society”

Sociology coursework

Biology Research Papers

Strong statement

“The constitution is not a contextual document but a living document that needs to reflect contemporary America:

Law argumentative essay

Nursing coursework


“A country that demands moral perfection in its foreign policy will achieve neither perfection nor security” (H. Kissinger)

Political Science Essay

Chemistry Thesis


“Without courage, wisdom bears no fruit.” (B. Gracian)

Management Essay

Engineering Term Paper


“We have art in order not to die of the truth.” (F. Nietzsche)

Art Paper

Applied Mathematics coursework


“Did you know that Space Smells Like Seared Steak?”

Astronomy Essay

Law Research


“The human body is comprised of more than 10 times bacteria, than cells.”

Biology Research Paper

Philosophy Term Paper


“The longest war in the world was between the Netherlands and Sicily and waged from 1651 to 1986”

History Composition

Narrative Essay


“From the symbolism of overcoming nature, technology, and ourselves — 2001 Space Odyssey is the quest to attain the 4th stage of evolution”

Film Review

MBA Thesis


“Choosing between the tested and known to the wandering traveler paving the way to new impressions.”

Poetry Analysis

Scientific Dissertation


“Systematic and prolific, how uniformity in incarceration conforms the prison population to contributing citizens.”

Criminal Justice

Nursing term paper


“Two bicycle mechanics, with no funding, college education, or government support, bested the academic elites with all the government funding and developed the first airplane.”

Business Thesis

Astronomy essay


“Demosthenes, became a great speaker, not by his work in politics, but knowing his practice zone. To raise the strength of his voice he put rocks in his mouth and shouted out against the sea.”

History Coursework

Fine Arts Research


“Methods of torture, murder, and turning the dregs of society into heroes, all fueled by the imagination of an alcoholic. How Edgar Allen Poe created the detective and horror genres of literature”

Literature Analysis

Criminal Justice Thesis

Where to Find Ideas for a Great Hook Writing?

Knowing where to find inspiration can be a challenge for many students. Our media environments hold many keys if you pay attention. Great tips for

starting an essay

can be found with online videos such as TED Talks, famous historians, news clips, and world leaders. You can also dive into the books of famous philosophers and explore databases of scientific facts to generate ideas.

Getting user interest is a fundamental quality of a great paper, but it doesn’t come easy. Use our tips above to motivate some inspiration to improve your skills. Like anything, practice makes perfect so you may want to try writing out a few examples before you commit one to copy. If you’ve finished your paper but feel it needs an extra bump to increase its quality, appeal to us and we can level up your work to ensure you get a high grade.