165 Health-Related Topics & Essay Ideas

Everybody knows that being healthy requires effort. We should exercise regularly and maintain a balanced diet. However, the reward is worth it. A healthy lifestyle prevents chronic illnesses and leads to better body performance. Besides, if you improve your physical well-being, your mental health will strengthen as well!

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⚕️ Types of Health & Wellness

Did you know that health is highly complex? There are seven different

types of well-being

. To be truly healthy, you need to balance them all.

  1. Physical wellness

    endorses healthy behavior patterns, proper exercise, and nutrition. It also covers abstaining from alcohol and cigarettes.
  2. A person who is

    emotionally well

    can express their feelings adequately. They are capable of accepting and loving themselves as well as others.

  3. Intellectual wellness

    is ensured by activating the mind. Stimulating activities include learning a new language, reading, or enjoying art.
  4. A sense of belonging is crucial to

    social wellness

    . To be socially well, a person may contribute to their community or maintain trusting relationships.
  5. A sense of meaning and purpose creates

    spiritual wellness

    . Individuals need to have faith in their moral principles. By meditating and spending time alone, you can get to know yourself better.
For emotional wellness.

  1. Living in harmony with the Earth plays a vital role in our

    environmental well-being

    . People should be conscious of the environment. An example would be to conserve resources and minimize the use of chemicals.
  2. A person needs to utilize their talents to achieve

    occupational wellness

    . Committing to a goal and working towards it helps to stay satisfied. Knowing what you want for your future creates a sense of purpose and direction.

You can write an essay about any of these types of health. In case you need more ideas, consult the following list of best healthcare topics.

💭 Mental Health Topics for an Essay

Our mental health primarily determines how we feel and think. It, in turn, affects our actions. In our fast-paced society, our minds have to face a lot of challenges. Stress-related disorders like burnout or depression are very common. Still, mental health is a vast field. If you are interested in psychological well-being, this section is for you.

  1. Discuss the stigmatization of mental health problems in your community.
  2. Why do people develop psychological disorders?
  3. What is Seasonal Affective Disorder?
  4. Why should society listen to the needs of mentally ill people?
  5. When is a psychiatric stay sensible?
  6. What are the different forms of depression?
  7. Describe the adverse effects of reading the news.
  8. What is a manic episode?
  9. How does OCD impact a patient’s life?
  10. Analyze the connection between HIV/AIDS and mental health.
  11. Discuss the use of medication to combat psychological issues.
  12. Investigate how a mentally ill person influences their family members.

💉 Ethical Topics in Healthcare to Write About



come into play when we need to make a moral decision about health. An individual’s morals can be based on various principles. Physicians, patients, and family members all have different ethical obligations. Below are 15 argumentative topics concerning medical ethics:

  1. Is a person’s health more important than their autonomy?
  2. Explain your position on euthanasia.
Four main principles of healthcare ethics.

  1. What should a doctor do if a person refuses treatment for religious reasons?
  2. If resources are depleted, how does a doctor determine which patients to treat?
  3. Should the government force doctors to move to the countryside to ensure rural healthcare?
  4. Who should be allowed to make medical decisions on a patient’s behalf?
  5. Investigate situations when a doctor might have to ignore a patient’s right to privacy.
  6. When can a life-sustaining treatment be stopped?
  7. Discuss ethical concerns regarding nutrition.
  8. Do schools have to interfere if students display unhealthy behavior?
  9. Must governments implement policies to motivate women to have children?
  10. What are the ethical implications surrounding alternative medicine?
  11. Should doctors be allowed to advertise their services?

👶 Child Health Topics for a Paper

A child’s health includes not only their physical well-being. Meeting their social and mental needs is just as crucial for their development. On top of that, children require regularly scheduled check-ups. If you’re interested in writing about pediatric care, here are 15 compelling topics.

  1. What is the best way to treat a baby with a fever?
  2. How can you motivate your child to exercise?
  3. Describe the causes of insomnia in toddlers.
  4. Should frequent nightmares in children be a concern to parents?
  5. Investigate what makes a minor’s behavior conspicuous.
  6. Children and proper nutrition: a never-ending struggle.
  7. How can you promote a healthy lifestyle for your child?
  8. Examine how a nanny influences a child’s development.
  9. What role does school education play in a child’s health?
  10. Discuss how to give medicine to toddlers.
  11. How can you support a child who has learning disabilities?
  12. Describe the importance of play in child development.

👴 Senior Health Topics to Write an Essay About

Seniors have their very own set of health rules. Primary problems related to elderliness are poor eyesight or hearing. Luckily, there are many ways to remain healthy at any age. Below we have collected 15 popular examples of health topics for seniors.

  1. How do you stay active as you get older?
  2. Investigate how older adults can stay connected to their community.
  3. How can a person prevent their brain functions from deteriorating?
  4. When do you know it is time to put someone into a nursing home?
  5. Discuss the most common psychological problems of seniors.
  6. Describe ways of coping with memory loss.
  7. How does arthritis impact a person’s life?
Mahatma Gandhi quote.

  1. Explain how to prevent seniors from falling.
  2. Does getting older automatically mean that your health declines?
  3. Investigate how to prevent Alzheimer’s.
  4. What does it mean to age well?
  5. How do you ensure mental wellness in old age?

🧑🏭 Occupational Health Topics for an Essay

Occupational health problems occur not only during physically demanding labor. Any line of work can impact your health. Even merely sitting at the desk for too long can cause serious illnesses. This list of essay topics is all about occupational health:

  1. Describe the necessary safety precautions at a construction site.
  2. What injuries are common for people working in the service industry?
  3. Discuss the dangers of germ exposure in hospitals.
  4. Examine why hearing problems can occur at work.
  5. What equipment should an office worker have to guarantee their long-term health?
  6. How can a person with chronic back problems return to work?
  7. Investigate the potential hazards of working during pregnancy.
  8. How can you prevent carpal tunnel syndrome in the workplace?
  9. Analyze different types of protective equipment for electricians.
  10. What are the causes of occupational respiratory diseases?
  11. What should workers be aware of when laboring in cold weather?
  12. How can employers take care of their employees’ mental health?

⚖️ Personal Health & Wellness Topics for an Essay

Personal wellness is much more than just your skincare routine. It also includes a proper diet and regular exercise. For a healthy body, you need to take care of your emotional and intellectual well being. Here are some questions and general ideas you can use for a paper on personal health:

  1. What is the difference between health and wellness?
  2. How can you ensure a healthy lifestyle?
  3. Is plant-based nutrition healthier than eating meat?
  4. How can you treat insomnia?
  5. Investigate the different types of wellness.
  6. Discuss the harmful effects of caffeine.
  7. How much exercise is too much?
  8. Analyze the importance of happiness.
  9. What are the best ways to cope with stress?
Wellness encompasses.

  1. What are the most common health problems youth encounters today?
  2. How does learning a new language improve wellness?
  3. Explore the consequences of sleep deprivation.

🌍 Global Health Topics for a Paper

The term “global health” encompasses the study of health issues worldwide. Scientific research on this topic crosses national boundaries. Hence, the ultimate goal is to improve health on a global scale. Some of the most urgent global health topics include climate change, pandemics, and cancer.

  1. How can we prevent pandemics in the future?
  2. What is the world’s healthiest country?
  3. Investigate how to reduce substance abuse worldwide.
  4. What are the most important global health institutions?
  5. Why is the global access to healthcare necessary?
  6. Discuss the common causes of epidemics.
  7. How does the MSF organization work?
  8. Compare different pandemics with each other.
  9. Analyze the effects of vaccination on a global scale.
  10. What does the WHO do?
  11. Identify the most common causes of cancer globally.
  12. How can we prevent violence across cultures?

🌳 Environmental Health Essay Topics

Humans are dependent on their


. Thus, it is crucial for survival that our surroundings are healthy. To ensure it, we need to control our interactions with nature and prevent cataclysms. Have a glance at our list if you are looking for discussion points regarding environmental health:

  1. How can we reduce air pollution?
  2. What should be done with toxic waste?
  3. What is the cleanest source of energy?
  4. How can you make your home more eco-friendly?
  5. Investigate how oil spills affect ecosystems.
Emerging issues in environmental health.

  1. Analyze how natural disasters are prevented.
  2. How can a better infrastructure lead to a healthier environment?
  3. What illnesses are called foodborne?
  4. How can you ensure that the food you buy is safe?
  5. Discuss what makes a healthy community.
  6. What diseases are spread by vectors?

🏥 Health Policy Topics to Write About

Health policies are measures governments take to achieve specific healthcare goals. Such rules exist in many areas, including tobacco control, finance, and the quality of care. Amongst other things, they often aim at informing people.

  1. What are some policies designed to protect employee health?
  2. What do you think about vegetarian days in canteens?
  3. Discuss if the traffic light rating system should be obligatory for all food items.
  4. What is a reasonable legal age for consuming energy drinks?
  5. How can we raise awareness about diabetes?
  6. Discuss how workplaces can support breastfeeding.
  7. How would a lower workload improve employee health?
  8. Should vaccination be mandatory?
  9. Examine the benefits of wearing surgical masks in public.
  10. Should eating competitions be banned?
  11. Analyze whether all restaurants should have a global rating system like hotels do.
  12. Given the risk of skin cancer, should we restrict sunbathing?

😷 Public Health Essay Topics

Every government is concerned about the health of its citizens. Public health issues revolve around protecting and improving people’s well-being. Critical factors for this subject are encouraging healthy lifestyles and researching illnesses. Below we have collected 15 public health essay topics for your college assignment.

  1. Should bars stop serving complimentary peanuts?
  2. What makes sleep disorders a public health problem?
  3. Discuss if governments should pay for the rehabilitation of drug addicts.
  4. Are handshakes an avoidable public health risk?
  5. Should gun violence in America be a public health issue?
  6. Investigate the harms of vaping.
  7. What is the best way to teach children about a healthy lifestyle?
Arlen Specter quote.

  1. What are the leading causes of death in your community?
  2. How can we encourage people to eat healthier?
  3. What are the risk factors that cause diabetes?
  4. Discuss how America can achieve health equity.
  5. How do you prevent high levels of school-related stress?
  6. Do Americans use too many antibiotics?

💊 Behavioral Health Topics for Papers

Behavioral and mental healths are closely related terms concerning human psychology. However, the notion of behavioral health covers a broader area. It involves all external forces that contribute to our mental well-being. These can encompass behavioral or habitual patterns as well as substances.

  1. How do social media affect our behavior?
  2. What is a bad habit?
  3. Do video games make players more violent?
  4. How do you recognize obsessive behavior?
  5. Examine the different treatments for behavioral health problems.
  6. What factors facilitate hoarding?
  7. Are some addictions less harmful than others?
  8. Is group therapy better than individual therapy?
  9. What are typical stigmas regarding people with behavioral problems?
  10. Investigate alternative treatments for behavioral health issues.
  11. What are the most common addictions among Americans?
  12. Discuss various problems a person with autism faces.

We hope these topics will help you learn something new and write a great essay!

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