150 Great Persuasive Essay Topics on Almost Anything

A student can not write a paper of this type unless they had some good persuasive essay topics in their back pocket. Read the article to learn what a persuasive essay is and get topic ideas on various issues.


What exactly is a Persuasive Essay?

A persuasive essay is a writing assignment commonly assigned to students in school, college, and university throughout their education.

A persuasive (also known as argumentative) essay is an academic paper that uses valid facts, clear logic, and reasoning to persuade readers of the validity of an author’s viewpoint.

Why do you need to be able to write in this style? From an academic standpoint, mastering the art of persuasive writing is critical for handling such tasks at school or college while maintaining good performance. At the same time, this skill has practical application. In this way, understanding how to write a persuasive essay helps students create their own beliefs on a specific issue and utilize arguments to support those opinions. This type of writing also assists in the development of essential life skills such as critical thinking, reasoning, logic, and persuasion.


What Is the Best Way to Write a Persuasive Essay?

Here are some critical persuasive writing prompts to keep in mind as you work on such projects:

  • Choose an interesting topic. Choosing a relevant, manageable, and exciting topic can be difficult. Still, it is one of the most critical steps in determining whether your essay will be successful or unsuccessful (if it is not engaging).
  • Take a firm stance on a particular issue. Writing a persuasive essay necessitates selecting a specific side to advocate for in your paper.
  • Understand your target audience. Because the primary goal of this type of writing is to persuade readers, it is critical to know your audience and understand their point of view to write an influential paper.
  • Conduct extensive research to identify the arguments used in your essay. Then, rank the ideas in terms of their validity and worth.
  • Use the most logical and convincing evidence.
  • Make it interesting. Utilize a compelling hook in the start to grab your readers’ interest, and make every effort to keep them interested throughout the post.
  • Keep it concise and to the point.


What Is the Distinction Between a Persuasive Speech and a Persuasive Essay?

Persuasive speech is another type of persuasive writing. This type of writing may also be assigned as part of an academic course. However, it is also commonly used in the professional world, such as when presenting a new idea to investors to persuade them to invest their money in a project.


Is there a difference between writing a persuasive speech and writing an essay? To begin, writing an essay and giving an address are two entirely different experiences. Even though the ultimate goal is to persuade the audience of something, the author’s writing steps, style, tone of voice, and techniques can be quite different.


The following are the key distinctions between a persuasive speech and a persuasive essay:

  • When you write a speech, you intend to communicate with a live audience; conversely, when you write an essay, you intend to share with a reading audience.
  • The tone of these two persuasive pieces differs due to the audience differences. A speech’s goal is to elicit strong emotional responses. Authors frequently use a specific diction full of the grave, hopeful, or uplifting tones to create it. An essay’s success is also dependent on its ability to elicit emotional responses; however, in this case, a writer will accomplish this goal by making the appropriate points.
  • Most essays have the same structure: introduction, body, and conclusion. A speech follows the same design in general. However, speechwriters frequently draw a different conclusion from each point made in the body to ensure that the audience is on the same page as the speaker.
  • A speech provides a speaker with a broader set of tools to use during a presentation. Thus, when writing an address, you can expect a speaker to amplify its impact through eye contact, body language, intonation, gestures, and so on. On the contrary, the piece’s overall effect is determined by the words used and how they are used when writing an essay.


The Elements of a Persuasive Essay

To assist you in getting started with your paper, we have compiled a comprehensive list of good persuasive essay topics divided into popular categories.

A well-organized persuasive essay should have a clear and logical structure. The length of this essay is usually between 5 and 6 paragraphs. What elements make up a persuasive essay? This type of paper follows the standard essay structure, including a catchy introduction, the main body, the main ideas with supporting arguments, and a logical conclusion. Let’s take a closer look at each of the three components:


The first paragraph of an essay is known as the introduction. It is the first thing that the reader’s eyes see, so it must be clear and attention-grabbing. An introduction should include a hook – an intriguing fact, statement, or argument – to pique readers’ interest. In addition, an introductory paragraph must consist of a strong thesis statement that reflects the main idea that will be discussed in the following section.

The main body of an essay is its heart. It usually consists of 3 to 4 paragraphs. Every paragraph reflects a specific point and provides evidence to back it up.

The conclusion of your essay summarizes the key ideas discussed in the main body and connects them to the thesis statement in the introduction. The decision in persuasive writing is used to amplify the overall compelling effect of the piece.


Topics for Persuasive Essays

So, you’ve been assigned to write a persuasive essay; where do you begin? The first step in writing preparation is selecting a topic. This step is critical. If you choose a good case, the writing process will be much easier, and you will have a better chance of receiving a high grade. If a topic is not relevant enough, it can derail the entire presentation.

Although having the freedom to choose appears to be a good thing, many students are perplexed about which persuasive topics are good. If you’re wondering how to choose a good persuasive topic, here are the main criteria to consider:

The subject is fascinating. A great topic should be interesting not only to your audience but also to you. If you find something that interests you, the writing process will become more enjoyable and less stressful.

You have an opinion on the subject. To persuade readers of something, you must first define your position. As a result, it is critical to select a persuasive topic on which you have an opinion.

It is contentious. There should be two sides to the argument to persuade your audience. As a result, you must select a topic to examine both sides.

The subject is manageable. Finally, a perfect persuasive topic has a sufficient number of arguments. As a result, before you give up on a particular topic, make sure to do enough research to see if you can find enough supporting evidence for your ideas.

You can quickly generate brilliant persuasive speech topics for college and school if you follow these tips. Do you require some additional prompts to get started? We have included some of the most relevant and interesting persuasive speech topics below, divided into categories:


Topics for Persuasive Essays for Elementary Students

Dress codes in schools should be abolished.

Homework should be considered optional.

Pets should be permitted to accompany elementary students to school.

Cellphones should be allowed in the classroom.

The school day should be cut short.

Why School vacations should be extended.

All classrooms should have a television, and we need to have more. Summer Vacations

Playtime should be provided in schools in between classes.

A pet should be present in every classroom.

Summer Vacations


Topics for Persuasive Essays for Children

To Be Allowed to Eat Sweets Every Day

I Should Be Allowed to Sleep Later

To Be Allowed to Have a Pet

Dogs are superior to cats as pets.

Superheroes Are Real Vegetables

Should Not Be Eaten regularly

I Should Be Allowed to Stay at Home Alone

I Should Be permitted to Watch TV as Much as I Want

I Should Be permitted to Play Video Games as Much as I Want

My Allowance Should Be Increased


Topics for Persuasive Essays in High School

Is a College Education Still Required?

Should High School Students Take a Gap Year?

Cyberbullying is a significant problem in high school.

Students should be allowed to wear whatever they want.

In the Modern World, the Current Grading System Is Irrelevant:

Should the voting age be reduced because grades do not accurately reflect students’ knowledge?

The Benefits of Making Free Condoms Available to Students

Couples who are expecting a child should receive parenting lessons.

Sex education should be taught in schools.

Is it necessary to lower the drinking age?


Middle School Persuasive Essay Topics

The Top Vacation Locations

Does a child’s home environment affect their academic performance?

Should Bullying Be Punished More Harsher?

Is it a good idea to do less homework?

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Summer School

Every week, field trips should be planned.

The Effects of Violent TV Shows on the Public

The Impact of Social Media on the Lives of the Next Generation

Do Violent Video Games Harm Children?

Should Detention Be Involved for Students?


Topics for Simple Persuasive Speeches

Celebrities Should Not Be Teenage Role Models

Obsession with dieting can result in various eating disorders and health issues.

The friendship between men and women should be mandatory.

Vegetarianism is not a healthy lifestyle.

To date, democracy is the most rational government system.

GMO Foods Are Not as harmful as We Thought

Horror Films Can Harm Mental Health

Junk Food Should Be Removed From School Lunch Menus

Alcohol Consumption Hurts Not Only

Health, But Also Other Aspects of Life


College Students’ Persuasive Speech Topics

Standardized Exams Should Be Banned

Are Student Loans Beneficial or Harmful?

Is Campus Drug and Alcohol Use an Experiment or a Real Problem?

Are College Relationships Long-Lasting?

Students should be prohibited from bringing children to college classes.

Fraternities’ Negative Impact on Student Performance and Behavior

Gap When Is It a Good Idea to Start a New Year?

College athletes should be given more advantages in their academic lives.

Most university programs are already obsolete and irrelevant in today’s world.

On-campus housing should be provided at no cost.


Topics for a Good Persuasive Speech

Homeschooling is the superior alternative to traditional schooling.

Students should have nine months of vacation and only three months of school.

Participating in Sports Can Help You Change Your Life

Lying Is an Essential Part of a Healthy Relationship Aliens Exist

Keeping and writing a Journal Is a great Way to Deal with Stress Colleges

Should Have Medical Rooms to Assist Students in Dealing with Stress and Depression

You Can Learn Important Life Skills From Video Games

Having a pet can help you become happier.

Renting a Home Is More Cost-Effective Than Buying One


Topics for Science Persuasive Essays

Investing in Space Exploration will Improve Earth’s Quality of Life

Cloning’s Moral Issue

The Benefits of Genetic Engineering and Their Impact on the World

Colleges Should Invest More in Scientific Programs

How Do New Scientific Discoveries Affect Our Daily Lives?

Are New Technologies Hazardous to Our Health?

The use of animals in scientific research should be prohibited.

The Science Behind Medical Marijuana’s Curing Effect Genetically Modified Food: Is It Good or Bad for Us?

Why Should Everyone Study Science?



The Most Controversial Issues

Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice Abortion

Is Racial Profiling Still Permissible in the Modern World?

We Should Make Euthanasia Legal for Terminally Ill Patients

Higher Education Should Be Free for All Is Donald Trump’s Presidency a Bad or Good Thing for the United States and the Rest of the World?

Death Penalties: Is There a Place for Them in the Twenty-First Century?

Same-Sex Couples Should Be Able to Marry

Death Penalties: Is There a Place for Them in the Twenty-First Century?

The Advantages of Medical Marijuana Legalization

Without Organized Religion, the World Could Be a Better Place.

Technology is causing more harm than good.



Persuasive Speech and Essay Topics About Music

Hard rock has a negative impact on adolescent behavior.

If you listen carefully, you can find music in nature.

Billie Eilish Is Not Your Average Teenage Pop Star

Music Is Powerful for Psychological Problems

Music Has a Positive Impact on the Human Brain

Celtic music has a calming effect on people.

The majority of music in the twenty-first century is simply commercial, not artistic.

Rap music incites violence.

Classical Music Can Help You Have a Better Pregnancy

Music Can Help College Students Perform Better Academically


Environmental Persuasive Essay Topics

Why Countries Should Invest Significantly in Environmental Conservation Programs Because Current Environmental Laws Fail to Prevent Human Encroachment and Habitat Destruction

Human Encroachment Endangers the Lives of Plants and Animals

Global Warming Is a Real Thing The Developed World Is the Primary Cause of Global Warming

Current Farming Methods Must Be Modified to Prevent Environmental Degradation

Vegetarianism Has a Better Environmental Impact

The most significant polluters of air and water are industrial waste and agricultural chemicals.

Overpopulation is to blame for urban pollution.

We Must Protect Our Global Resources


Good Persuasive Speech Topics for Arts

The Importance of Art in the Evolution of Our World

Art Therapy Aids in the Treatment of Mental Illness

Students who participate in the arts outperform their peers academically.

Unlike traditional art, digital art lacks soul. Everyone should take art classes in school.

Is Art Required?

How Does Children’s Art Express Their Inner Fears?

What Is the Purpose of Art? How Has the Image of Women in Art Changed Over the Centuries?

The birthplace of most branches of art in Ancient Greece.


Immigration Persuasive Essay Topics

Illegal immigration is a primary concern in developed countries.

People born within a other country’s borders should always be granted citizenship. Illegal immigration policies should be tightened.

Increased border security should help to prevent illegal immigration.

The primary reason for illegal immigration is poverty.

Sending Illegal Immigrants Back to Their Home Countries Is Often Ineffective.

Prostitution may be encouraged by high rates of illegal immigration.

High rates of illegal immigration are one of the leading causes of terrorism.

Improving Immigration Costs Can Help Prevent Illegal Immigration

Refugees Should Not Be Classified as Illegal Immigrants


Sports Persuasive Essay Topics

Females should be encouraged to participate in sports while studying just as hard as boys.

College Athletes Ought to Be Paid

Women and girls Should Be Allowed to Compete Against Men in Sports Benefits of Hosting the Olympic Games Countries Based on Economic and Social Impact

The media’s portrayal of female athletes remains sexist.

Some sports can encourage violent behavior.

Injuries have a significant impact on an athlete’s mental health.

Athletes Are Frequently Affected by Eating Disorders

Colleges and schools should emphasize physical education because sports can be relaxing and calming to the body and mind.


Persuasive Speech Ideas About Medicine

Everyone should have access to free health care.

It Is Possible to Discover a Universal Cure for AIDS

Many health issues can benefit from using art as a powerful therapy.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Alternative Medicine

The Harmful Effects of a Concussion

Is Coronavirus as Dangerous as the Media Makes It Out to Be?

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safer Than Tobacco?

Is 3D printing useful in medicine?

Cancer Can Be Treated Using Nanotechnology

How Can Stem Cells Be Used to Reduce Heart Attack Death Rates?